Headshot of Michael Dino Cotugno
Handsome devil

Hi. My name’s Michael Dino Cotugno. Do you know me? We may not have seen each other in quite some time, I may be a bit older now, I might have a bun instead of an afro, and I might even look a bit more tired these days, but let me assure you, I’m still the same old Michael Dino Cotugno you knew and loved. If you know me, please get in contact.

Since I’ve decided to leave (most) social media behind, I wouldn’t want to lose contact with those dearest and nearest, so please do leave me a way to reach you!

Since I’ve lived in, worked in, and traveled to several different countries over the years, here’s a list of places you might know me from:
School: Loyola, Dawson, Concordia, Aulab
Work: McDonald’s, Toys ‘r Us, Ramcor, Dawson, NTVU, NewX, Sherpa’s, Wall Street, Canadian School of Milan
Place: Montreal, Shanghai, Italy
You might even have been a guest at The Monsignor’s Estate. Heck, we might even be family!

Contact me

You shouldn’t be confused by this. What do people call you?
I might want to send you a Christmas card, or a birthday card, or cash! Who knows? (I do. It’s not cash.)